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February 18, 2013 - No Comments!

The Hybrid Era: Marriage of the Web and the Native

Why don’t we all just go web?

This idea doesn’t sound very good and there are lots of concerns, but it is worth it when done right.

The beauty of it lies in being easy and fast to push updates. Thats one hell of a problem when developing on iOS. Making a big deal for each and every update.

Another thing is not worrying about porting too much. You just port views and animations, but the content will be there.

There are lots of libraries out there. Problem is it doesn’t have the seamless native feeling yet. But we’ll get there very soon.

I don’t think native developers will die, but i don’t think the need for them will be as it used to be. Things are getting interesting much more interesting. The line is getting blurry and we are on our way to a one platform rules them all.

So whoever wants to rule the next 1-2 years you should be great at doing native web-apps on your mobile platform.