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Jedi Color Tricks

Wether you are a designer or not, we all use color in our life for a document, presentation, and it can go to the extent of creating an entire UI.

Colors are pain in the ass. They are many and sometime it is very hard to get the right value — I’m talking to you yellow — if you don’t know what you’re doing. So here is a little trick to help you.

The first Rule is to use HSB or Hue Saturation Brightness as your color slider. It is a lot easier than the color wheel, square, and definitely easier than RGB.

If you are using a mac go to the second tab then choose HSB from the dropdown list.

Choose the color that you want from the hue and you finished 80% of the problem.

Next play with the saturation and brightness to get the right value, but be careful when you go higher than 90% and lower than 40%. Try to make a difference more than 10 points between either values. So if saturation is 66; go with 56 or 76 for brightness. If saturation is higher you will get darker colors, and if brightness is higher you will get more pale colors.

How to use this? Mix it up, use a pale background then switch values from being pale dominant to dark dominant and see if it blends while being readable. Once you get play with this a little you will get the idea.

As a practice try to open keynote for 5 minutes, add a title then play with the title and the background. See how each value looks like and see if it matches whats on your mind. After you finish exercise you will be a different person.

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