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Eating as a Lifestyle

First rule of the perfect diet, there is no perfect diet. It’s just a personal preference.

My Diet: It’s what I like to eat UNION what my body likes to eat.

“Your diet should match your preference, not the way around.”

Maintenance Rules

  1. Eat lots of Proteins, Vegetables, Animal Fat & Butter.
  2. Moderate Healthy Oils (Olive oil, coconut oil), Nuts (Almonds, walnut), Milk and Dairy (cheese, yogurt, greeks yogurt, cottage cheese), Legumes, Coffee, Tea.
  3. Limit intake of Sugar (1 small spoon for coffee), Grains (rice, quinoa), Tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes), Chocolate, and Fruits (depending on your athletic needs).
  4. Eliminate Gluten Grains like (bread, pasta, cereal), Vegetable oils (Sunflower oil, Corn oil), Calorie Drinks (like soda and orange juice products)
  5. Take the edge off day. You have a one day pass ticket every week, use it. Release the Kraken and get wild.

My Formula

  • Drink: A lot of Water, little Coffee, Tea, and Milk.
  • Eat: (Meat, Fowl, Fish, Organs, or Eggs) + Vegetables (Leafy Green, Colored, and Sulfer like onion) + (Animal Fat, Butter, or Healthy Oil) + (Quinoa, Rice, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, or Fruit) + (Cheese, or Legumes)
  • Snack: Nuts + Fruit optional

Sample menu, and here is a Shopping List

You can eliminate some of those elements depending on your need and preference, but try to stick with protein, veggies and fats as your base. Also try to fast from time to time, or at least skip some meals like breakfast, sleep hungry, eat only 2 meals per day, be creative and live like a hunter gatherer, and don’t think about it much.

“When we obsess over health and nutrition, it is no longer healthy.” — Brad Pilon


  1. If you like it, and it’s healthy, eat it.
  2. Be conscious about your carbohydrate intake, but don’t obsess over calories and percentages.
  3. Every body is different so experiment with your own body and know what it preferes.
  4. Fast and skip meals from time to time.
  5. Have fun, take a break and use the one day pass.

I’m not on strict Paleo, I believe in moderation, and when in doubt, I ask:

“What would our ancestors do?”

This is how I Eat. How do you Eat?

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