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30 Days Slim The Fuck Down Challenge

Most of the diets you follow will work, but they suck. Why? because they are too restrictive, obsessively calculating your calories and tracking your food, and you have to follow them the rest of your life.

The process shouldn’t be like this, it should be 30 days focus on getting to perfect weight, then you enter weight maintenance phase.

How do you get fat? The main variable that you need to control is your carbohydrate intake, the less carbohydrates entering your body the faster you will get to your goal.

I dare you to try it, and the best thing about this you will only have to do it for a month.

The Rules

  1. Main Plate (Meat, Fowl, Fish, Organs,Eggs) + Veggies + (Animal Fat, Butter, Coconut oil, or Olive oil) + [OPTIONAL] (Legumes, or Cheese)
  2. NO sugar, NO Junk Food, NO Calorie drinks (Only drink water, and little coffee and tea), NO grains (Bread, Rice, Pasta, Quinoa, Cereal), NO vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils (Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil), NO Tubers (Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes), NO fruits, NO Milk.
  3. Take the edge off day. You have a one day pass ticket every week, use it. Release the Kraken and get wild.

This is way too restrictive but it will only last for a 30 days. Forget making excuses, I’m busy, Why not have a pizza with co-workers, lets just skip today, it is too hard. SUCK IT UP AND JUST DO IT

After finishing the 30 days read Eating as a Lifestyle

Would love to hear your opinion and experience, so don’t forget to report back when your done.

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