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Basic Strength: Weak to Athlete

Getting to the basic strength, the basic shape that we should have, the shape that our ancestors had, the shape that doesn’t have a belly popping out, or arms like sticks. Basic strength gives you the head start in any physical activity, with little training you can go climbing, do gymnastics, do parkour, and learn marshal arts. After you hit that level of basic training you will be ready to rumble in any shape you want.

Define basic strength: It’s the least amount of muscle and strength that you need to have for looking good and having a healthy body —stronger immune system and longer living.

How to get there

I would recommend doing the 5x5 protocol; starting from light weight lifting till you get the hang of the basic movements, then move to heavy weight lifting. The reason behind this is that body weight workout are hard to track and control weight, and Super Slow is awesome but I prefere it if you need a long term relationship with the gym. So it the fastest way to get you in shape in no time, and you will learn how to lift which will come handy in real life.

Tracking for Motivation

  1. Take a before photo
  2. Track your body measurements
  3. Track your workouts, even if you have to go to the gym with a notebook


The goal here is to be able to lift the intermediate level weight with your current weight couple of times. Make sure you calculate the weight of the bar, it will make a huge difference and can get you from novice to intermediate.

Moving On

After achieving the intermediate level, you will have a good looking body, with little fat and strong muscles, strength that allows you do and try anything. At this point your are free from the gym not activity. You can start doing gymnastics like hand stands, front and back lever, L sits which will get a lot stronger with perfect muscle size. You can do CrossFit which is very good if you have time and don’t do any sports activity. You can do the SuperSlow at the gym with one time a week if you are busy and if you are only increasing weight every week.

At this point you be your own judge what do you want to do next?

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