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Feeling Lucky … Punk

Hell yeah I do.

Everything in life 80% based on your perception of it, if you believe something is impossible, your mind just ignore it and won’t even bother to find a solution. I’m sure you had a bad day were everything gone wrong, and when it couldn’t get more wrong, it gets even worse.

Always Right

From my perspective I’m lucky all the time, even in unlucky times. I believe in one thing, the best solution is the one that I chose. Maybe I’m right, and maybe I’m wrong. As there is no way —yet— possible to know or live in another dimension or a parrallel universe. But lets see, if i’m right you will feel better about yourself with choices you already made or anything affected your life. On the other hand thinking about IF you made the right choice will just

Always Lucky

As human being we kinda need this kinda thinking. We need to deceive ourselves into thinking we are strong, we are right, we are great. Because in reality we aren’t that much great as we think we are. We are all equal on some level, and thinking we are different help us go on pushing ourselves for greatness.

So its “Fake it, till you make it”, fool yourself into thinking that you are lucky, and luck is it that you shall have.

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