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Focus vs Goals: And The End of Resolutions

I’ve always been the man with the plan, always wanting to do something, change something, or learn something and planing ahead A, B, and even C. But most of the goals don’t get achieved and plan don’t work in any near way.

Happy New Year, I have 20 Goals to achieve this year, I want to do blah blah blah, and blah blah blah, …etc. This makes me feel bad every year, goals unachieved and can’t commit to something, but thats not reality.

People change, at least most people. I had a goal to start reading Novels, I tried to read everyday but at the end I couldn’t take it, it was just boring for me and I got distracted a lot, so I stopped. On the other hand, working out is pain during and after, and fear before starting, but I enjoy doing it, not because I want to look bulky, but to be in good health that allows me to do anything.

Goals. They are about having 1,2,3 goals that you want to achieve and having a plan to achieve them. Also goals allow having multiple goals under the same section of your life. Plans here work by having a plan, a backup and a backup backup plan.

Focus. They are about having an action that you want to do right now, next month, next year, or the rest of your life. You don’t say “I want to be the best weight lifter in the gym”, or “I want to have the best startup in my region”. You just say “I want to be healthy”, “I want to build my own startup”. Both may seem like an unspecific goals, but they are about having not expected outcome of what you do, they are just about having something you want to do, and you go do just that, let the outcomes surprise you. Planning just goes along the way, “what are the necessary steps that I need to take now to be healthy?”, “How can I build a successful startup?”. If the environment change and it will, be flexible enough to change your plans too, it not written in stone.

I want, and you want. Wether it is goals or focus at the end we all have something out of this life. A lot of people have a lot and big goals & dreams in their life, but they don’t work on it. They just want to be the best in their field and they don’t want to sacrifice neither time nor effort to be the best. They don’t do the most basic thing —which is reading— to become better. When you do your homework a lot of random things will happen, and give you amazing opportunities that you could never plan or anticipate, but you need to work hard first in order to receive them. There is no way around that.

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