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Sticky List: Get your todos on sticky notes

For me there are lots of todo lists everywhere, Clear, Github issues, Evernote, and Sticky notes tasks that come up while working like small bugs, or an small export for design. For me this is madness. It is hard to keep up with all this, so here is what I do.

  1. Before working I review all the tasks that needs to be done by the day and leave room for any incoming tasks.
  2. Get everything in one simple sticky note and finish it through the day. If it doesn’t fit the sticky note then you need to break it into simple tasks to be able to finish
  3. Go through tasks like your working out, warmup with with easy tasks, move on to heavy weight tasks, then finish up with easy and errand tasks.
  4. Throughout the day any incoming tasks append it to the end of the list. Never interrupt what your currently doing.
  5. If you finished early have fun, and if your late smack your self 😛

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