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Shopping List: Simple and fast shopping list without going crazy

Living alone is awesome, but having to go shopping is not. So I had to design a system that is easy to use, accessible, and doesn’t make me write or forget.

Here is how it works. I have one list in accessible location lets say the fridge, printed with all items I buy covered in plastic or a just get a small white board with my items and a checkbox next to each item.

The other list would be done tasks from Clear (iPhone todo application) organized in store order. So if the item is stored the first thing in the store it would be the first item on the list.

When an item runs out of stock I just mark it on the fridge list. So when I’m read to go shopping, I simply review the list on the fridge and undone the items on Clear.

While shopping Clear comes in handy, because item order matches item location on the store (assuming I buy from the same store every time), and when picking the item I can just Mark as Done.

And after going home if I bought all items I just clean the plastic list on the fridge.

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