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What Podcasts are you listening to?

My Favorite Podcasts

Lately podcasts seems to be getting some attention, so I thought I would share my favorite Podcasts.

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. This one is my favorite. I wasn’t interested in history before, but after listening to Wrath of the Khans series, I became addicted, and I’ve been listening to previous episodes since. The best thing about it is that Dan Carlin tries to draw a scene of which you get immersed into.
  • SERIAL. Most popular podcast on iTunes. It takes you through the journey of investigating a true story murder-case by talking to people involved and reviewing the evidence. It will leave you wondering each episode over who did it.
  • StartUp Podcast. Same theme as SERIAL, but instead of investigating a murder-case, it’s about documenting the process of starting a business without knowing anything about starting one. It shows the struggle and inner conflicts that startups go through.
  • The Vergecast. Wraps-up the The Verge’s weekly topics. It’s fun to listen to, and saves me from reading a lot of articles online.
  • DRT or Dorm Room Tycoon. This is the oldest podcast I’ve been listening to. It has awesome interviews with different people in the tech industry about business, design and technology in general.

What’s yours?

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