👋 I'm Seif, Design Technologist based in Berlin.


It was an exciting day when Seif joined our team as a UI/UX designer, and I didn’t have to wait long to confirm that the hire was absolutely right. His holistic approach to projects is, in a word, thoughtful, and he goes beyond what’s expected to truly understand the user in order to provide a functional, elegant solution.

He has a self-starter enthusiasm that was embraced in our startup environment. Additionally, his deep knowledge of UI+UX trends and tools really brought his work to another level; he introduced me to several that are an integral part of our work processes now.

Beyond his talented design skills, I found Seif’s curiosity and constant desire to learn to be hugely inspiring. I hope to have a chance to collaborate with him again in the future.

Stephanie Chen @ Pets Deli GmbH


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